Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Inspirational Story Of Love Loops

I never would have started creating these pieces if not for the following story.

My first three Love Loops were made with a very specific purpose in mind: to surround my mother (who was waiting for a kidney transplant) with my love and support. I made one each for myself, my sister, and my mother. I told my mom:" this necklace represents our love for you. The loop is us, your daughters, surrounding you; the middle stone is you, your beautiful healthy self. Let's all wear them until that kidney arrives." Within two days, while all three of us were together wearing our necklaces, the phone rang. My sister joked (Oh, that's Stanford, mom, with your kidney already!" My mother wasn't laughing. She was staring at us and crying. They had a kidney. Mom received her transplant the very next day. The whole family was there, wearing out loops (my then 6 year old demanded that I make one for him too. Momleft the hospital early, wearing her Love Loop (which she wouldn't take off, even in surgery). It has been almost a year. She is healthy (and owns about 10 loops by now, and has given many to friends and family. It truly was a modern day miracle. Clearly the universe was telling me something. So here they are. For you. May your Love Loop surround you with the power of love.

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