Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thanks for Voting about my site! This post is about how pricing and purchasing work.

There are a few who let me know (THANK YOU!!) that my site does not clearly state how to buy a Love Loop and how much they cost. This post is my attempt to make the process clear.

Cost of Loop pendants (not including chains)
  • Each Loop costs between $15 and $30.
  • Why?
  • The price of each loop is determined by the stone(s) that are used on the inside of the loop.
  • For example, loops that are made with a semi-precious stone cost $30.
  • A loop that is a classic disc, are made of beads that are less expensive: $15.
  • Loops that contain vintage glass or cloisonne cost $20-$25, based upon the cost of the beads in the center of the loop.

Cost of Chain and Options:

  • Depending on the materials used to make each cord or chain they are priced accordingly.
  • Rubber, leather and satin cords are $5
  • There are many color options for each cord (every color of the rainbow and more!)
  • When we customize your cord choice, we can discuss your color selections.
  • Chains that are silver plated, or made with beads or semi-precious stones cost a bit more. These chains cost $10.

Shipping Costs:

Priority shipping in the USA always costs $5. It doesn't matter how many necklaces you have ordered, shipping is always $5.

Custom Made:

  • When you select your pendant, you can choose a cord or chain.
  • You may decide you don't want a chain or cord, but just the pendant itself.
  • Just let me know what you would like!


I accept payment through paypal. When you contact me, I will give you my paypal information.

Contact Information:

Please contact me using this email address:

Thank you all for your feedback. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to make this site easy to use!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Inspirational Story Of Love Loops

I never would have started creating these pieces if not for the following story.

My first three Love Loops were made with a very specific purpose in mind: to surround my mother (who was waiting for a kidney transplant) with my love and support. I made one each for myself, my sister, and my mother. I told my mom:" this necklace represents our love for you. The loop is us, your daughters, surrounding you; the middle stone is you, your beautiful healthy self. Let's all wear them until that kidney arrives." Within two days, while all three of us were together wearing our necklaces, the phone rang. My sister joked (Oh, that's Stanford, mom, with your kidney already!" My mother wasn't laughing. She was staring at us and crying. They had a kidney. Mom received her transplant the very next day. The whole family was there, wearing out loops (my then 6 year old demanded that I make one for him too. Momleft the hospital early, wearing her Love Loop (which she wouldn't take off, even in surgery). It has been almost a year. She is healthy (and owns about 10 loops by now, and has given many to friends and family. It truly was a modern day miracle. Clearly the universe was telling me something. So here they are. For you. May your Love Loop surround you with the power of love.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Best Way to Contact me

I would love to read your comments on my blog! If you are interested in writing a direct email to me, please send your email to

Saturday, March 1, 2008

How is the Slideshow?

Do you have any trouble downloading this page because of the slideshow? Is the slideshow too slow? Please, let me know!

More LoopsMy flickr account:

Some of you have been asking where else to see more of my loops. I did write a post, but I think it must be buried in the text. So, here it is again, in the title of the post! At flickr, you will find more of my creations. They are pretty fancy!

Welcome: My very own blog!

Web page? Too difficult to use the templates and html. It sat there for months, getting loads of traffic, but no business because the gallery was too difficult to post.
Now, I have a wonderful place, all to myself, where all of the information about my obsession/creation has room to breath, be seen, be commented upon, and perhaps even purchases.
I am so glad you are here, reading this. It has taken so long to get here and now that I am, I feel blessed and less obsessed.

Where can I see more loops

I have a flickr site as well, feel free to visit this, it shows the Love Loops as completed pieces, chains and all. Please remember, all of my creations are one of a kind. If you see something that you love and it is no longer available, I will work with you to create the perfect loop for you and your loved ones.
Here's the site link!


There is a range of cost for each piece. Depending on the stone in the middle, the pendant can be $18-$30.
Likewise, depending on the type of chain you choose, the price ranges from $2-$10.
Shipping is always priority mail and is always $5!

How does this work?

Lots of people are wondering (now that I finally posted these puppies) how to order the loops.

It's easy(ish).

  • Find the pendant that you like
  • Choose a chain or chord (satin, leather rubber)
  • specified preferred color of chain or chord
  • email me with your info
  • I'll send you a picture of your creation
  • You say "YAY, I love it, I want to buy it"
  • I give you my paypal account
  • I send you your handmade jewelry with a beautiful card relating the story of Love Loops and their special meaning.

Easy, right?